Common Objections

We totally understand. All of our searches are 100% confidential. If we burn just one bridge, our reputation would be ruined.  Maintaining your confidentiality throughout the process is paramount and we will do everything in our power to safeguard yours.  Everyone we work with is gainfully employed and trust in our ability to run a smooth and confidential process.
That’s exactly why we’re reaching out to you.  Our clients pay us to find high level professionals like yourself that aren’t in a position where they have to make a career change.  Industry research shows that it is the “passive candidate” that makes up the top 20% of their chosen field, and our recruiting model is designed to target that top 20% and deliver them to our clients.  When you aren’t desperate to make a career change you have the most leverage.  When you have a lot of leverage it greatly benefits you because companies pay a premium for high caliber people that are flourishing in their current roles that need to be convinced that this new opportunity is superior to your current role.  It’s always best to be in the position where the company is trying to convince you of why you should join their organization, and not the other way around.