What makes Vortex Staffing’s services different?


From my experience, it is very rare to find more efficient, transparent, and supportive recruiters than Vortex. From day one, they set realistic expectations, objectives, but most importantly, makes you feel more than just a client in their book of business. Their innate ability to build meaningful relationships is palpable, and seemingly rare in this industry. I was always so impressed with their immediate follow-up protocol and accommodating availability (either on the clock or not, it did not matter to them).
Mara S.
Business Development Executive
Vortex Staffing truly understands what it means and what it takes to partner with a client. Vortex Staffing delivers on their commitments in a timely fashion, looks for innovative ways to service an account, and works to make sure that account management is transparent to their customers. When I suggested that we have a quarterly executive-level account review, Vortex Staffing made it happen — including creating “dash board” reports related to account activity and our purchasing patterns. Always a gentleman, I enjoyed working with Nick Barton and the Vortex Staffing team!
Norbert K

So what problems do we solve?

  1. Our recruiting services significantly decrease the chances of costly mistakes of hiring the wrong people, the ones who were available and not the ones that were a perfect fit!  Industry research shows that it costs a company 4-6 times the amount of the former employees salary to replace that person and make up for lost revenue.  Not to mention the vast amount of time that it took to train that person and provide leadership. Click here for “Cost of hiring the wrong sales person”
  2. We eliminate the time and money sucking challenges that come with having a position open for a long period of time.  Most companies simply are not aware of the enormous costs they endure by having a position open for an extended period of time.  For example; If a sales position is vacant for 4 months and the yearly revenue quota for the position is  12 million, that means that the company is losing $100,000.00 per month.  Solution:  Hire an expert search firm like Vortex Staffing to not only fill that position quickly, but to also find you the very best person for the position.
  3. We play a key role in top-grading your sales force and provide a service to your company that is extremely profitable.  The numbers don’t lie, the recruiting services that we provide produce a huge ROI for our clients.  Think about it.  If your company is looking for sales professionals that will carry a revenue quota of 12 million per year, and a gross profit quota of 1.2 million.  Let’s say that when this sales professional hits their quotas they would earn approximately 225k per year.  That means that after the base salary and commissions are paid out to this sales professional, the company would profit approximately 1 million dollars in YEAR 1 ALONE in this scenario.  Our goal is to provide a consistent pipeline of high level talent that are considered to be the “rockstars” in their space.  The amount that we are paid for our recruiting services to recruit this sales professional costs less than 3% of what the sales rep would produce in year 1.  In most cases these sales reps stay with their company for multiple years, which means the ROI index greatly increases over time.  Our clients traditionally see a 500-700% return on their investment in our recruiting services (Verifiable)!   Click here for “Recent results and why CFO’s love us!


Vortex Staffing is an IT search firm that is dedicated to targeting the best the industry has to offer.  We are experts at targeting the competitions top talent and delivering them to our clients on a consistent basis.  We do this by targeting “passive candidates”, the difference makers, the ones that aren’t in a position where they need to find a new job.  Industry research shows that it is the “passive candidate” that makes up the top 20% of their chosen field and our recruiting model is designed to target that top 20% and deliver them to our clients.  Our overarching goal is to be a high impact and highly profitable business partner to the companies that we recruit for.  We are proud to say that we have a consistent and verifiable track record of producing a huge ROI for the companies we work with.  For more information, kindly click on the “Recent results and why CFO’s love us” on our homepage.  If you are a hiring authority, take the time to chat with us to discuss your recruiting initiatives and consider some “outside the box” recruiting strategies for future considerations.  If to serve as nothing else, you can use this time to get up to speed on the climate of the market, and also to learn what your competition is doing to land the top talent in the industry.  If you are a hiring authority that is truly ready to take action, we want to speak with you.


The cost of bad hiring decisions runs extremely high!

The cost of bad hiring decisions runs high:  http://insights.dice.com/report/the-cost-of-bad-hiring-decisions/

10 important statistics on bad hiring decisions:  http://greenjobinterview.com/2014/01/10-important-statistics-on-bad-hiring-decisions/


Real talk reasons of why we should consider working together:

*We don’t use any kind of job boards in our searches.  Traditionally that is not where you find the upper echelon of talent.

*We are experts at targeting your competitions top talent and delivering them to your company

*We are industry experts.  We do not stray from the Information Technology space.  We respectfully decline to work on searches that are outside of the tech space because that simply isn’t our strength.  We have our earn to the ground constantly in the tech space and not only can we recruit the A-Players for your company, we also can provide comprehensive feedback on things like salary trends, what your competition is doing to land top talent, how your main competitors are selling against you and your company, emerging technologies/companies that are hot that may be a strong partner opportunity….etc

*We aren’t desperate and won’t waste your time sending you numerous resumes of B and C talent hoping that you hire one.  We truly do place a significant amount of emphasis on quality.  We understand that if we send you less than stellar candidates, chances are that you will quickly begin to not taking our call anymore.

If you still think that all recruiting agencies are the same, click here!