What we do that your internal recruiting team doesn’t

Many companies initially struggle with the notion of paying a recruiting agency a fee for a product that they can sometimes source on their own, people.  The important question is, which pond is your internal recruiting team fishing in?

If your internal recruiting team relies on candidate flow through the means of posting jobs on job boards (Careerbuilder, Monster, Linkedin), or through sending a series of canned messages to people in a blast format you are using the bait that attracts the candidates that are failing at their current company and are surfing the web for a new job.  Most company’s internal recruiting departments generally rely on this age old strategy and it is not designed to target the best of the best, the upper echelon of talent.  Think about it, if your main source of candidate flow is reliant on people replying to job postings or canned messages, you are literally most often targeting the people that are under-performing at their current company.  On the flip side, our recruiting strategies are explicitly designed to target the best of the best, the people that are the exact fit for the role that have all the “plus features” (specific skills, applicable book of business, specific certifications, proven track record of sales excellence and quota achievement, W2 proof of excellence, multiple references…etc) that takes the guesswork out of hiring sales professionals.  Industry research continues to show that it is the “passive sales professional” that makes up the top 20% of their peer group and our recruiting model is designed to target those “passive candidates” and deliver them to our clients.  These are the President’s Club award winners, the top performers, the alpha sales professionals that make huge differences for their companies!  The difference in performance between a sales professional that is average and a sales superstar is enormous!  The differences in revenue and gross profit production is profound.  And that is why many companies invest in our services in order to deliver a consistent pipeline of high level sales professionals to choose from.  Plainly spoken, we are experts at delivering the competitions top talent to our clients.  We literally provide a service to our clients that makes them a significant amount of money in return (ROI)!  As you are reading this now, think about how much profit your solid sales professionals make for your company on a yearly basis.  Then think about how much you would approximately pay us to recruit more sales professionals that are that quality or better for your company.  The ROI on that trade off is profound when you just break it down and look at the numbers.  If you would like more proof on how wildly profitable our services are (our clients average an 800% ROI that is verifiable), please visit our Recent results and why CFO’s love us for further proof.  Work with us so you can say that you were the one that inked a deal with us that made your company a tremendous amount of money in return.  Don’t be someone that is wrongly deterred from paying a small fee for the best people for the job.  The costs of hiring the wrong person for the role costs your company significantly more.  Read here for more details on what it will cost your company to continue to hire the wrong people.


What we do to find your company the best of the best:

*We only target “passive candidates”, or professionals that aren’t in a position where they are looking for a new job because they are flourishing at their current company.  This is where the top performers dwell!

*We aren’t hesitant to make a cold call to get in contact with the top sales professionals from the companies that would be ideal targets for sales talent.

*We are constantly top-grading our database and also meeting with many of the sales professionals/sales engineers that we will present to your company.  There is a major difference between a recruiting agency forwarding you a resume of a candidate that they found, versus a company like ours that has actually sat down and got to know the candidate we are presenting.

*We leverage our deep network that we have established and kneaded since 2008.  We are friends with many talented people in the tech space and we leverage those relationships to get in contact with the best sales professionals the industry has to offer.  These are the best of the best that your company would normally not have access to.

*We leverage our network to conduct reference checks.  Every sales professional will tell you they are passionate, successful, goal driven, easy to coach, have a history of hitting goals…..etc   But the fact of the matter is that most of that is untrue in many cases.  On a daily basis we eliminate candidates from consideration after we reach out to trusted contacts in our network that have actually had firsthand experience working with the individual.  It would amaze you how many sales professionals present/interview themselves in a highly favorable manner, only to find that they have a history of under-performance, attitude problems, weaknesses that would make them unsuccessful at your company…..etc     There is no better way to find out what a sales professional is really about than to speak with people that have actually worked with the individual.  That is what our clients pay us to do to avoid those problematic mis-hires!

*We are able to deliver specific types of sales professionals with specific relationships and credentials.  If you need sales professionals with relationships with specific companies/accounts, we are able to deliver on that as well.  We catalog which companies people in our network work with so we can deliver specific attributes/relationships that would greatly enhance the chances of that sales professional being wildly successful at your company!

*Our recruiters have weekly/monthly goals in which they need to meet with candidates face to face.  This presents tremendous value in meeting with candidates face to face so we can present an accurate depiction of the quality of the candidates that we are presenting to your company.

*We aren’t restricted in any way in regards to which companies we can source from.  Often times companies have restrictions on which companies their internal recruiters can target.  We are not bound by those same restrictions so we have free reign on the pool in which we can source from!

*We ask the tough questions!  It is so important to dig into some of those “red flags” that go off sometimes when you are considering a candidate.  Often times your instinct tells you that there may be something off with a candidate that you are considering.  That intuition is often accurate but many people shy away from asking those tough questions.  Our recruiters are thoroughly trained to dig deep and to get down to the bottom of gaps or flags that may come up in the process.

*We verify our candidates claims!  This is probably the single most important facet to the core process that we administer because it actually verifies the claims that the candidate is sharing.  We will verify W2’s, % of goal attainment the trailing 3 years, will speak with references, will verify awards/accolades, will verify revenue and gross profit claims…..etc   You would be astonished to learn how many sales professionals make false claims about the career that many, if not most companies fail to verify.  We do, and we remain steadfast to providing our clients with accurate data points and information that is essential to choosing the correct candidate.


Additional reasons why your company may currently view our services as a cost, and not a major investment

  1. Some internal recruiters feel threatened that hiring an outside agency will only slight them or challenge their current role. In our experience this couldn’t be farther from the truth.  We want to act as an extension of your internal recruiting team.  We are not looking to replace them.  Perhaps a good comparison is that internal corporate recruiters are the Army, and recruiting agencies act as the Special Forces.  We are all on the same team, however each of us have different missions and skill sets.  We are a unified front in support of one thing, success for the company!
  2. Some companies only see the cost of what an agency would charge them and aren’t aware of the actual numbers of how significantly it positively impacts revenue and gross profit, and negatively impacts their company by having the position vacant, or worse, making a ‘bad hire’!
  3. The Harvard Business Review points out that 80% of employee turnover is due to bad hiring decisions!  80%!!!  That reality is astounding when you add up what it truly costs your company!  The good news is, there are solutions to remedy this common business challenge.  The costs of hiring the wrong person have been estimated to cost a company 4-6 times the annual salary of said former employee.  Furthermore, hiring the wrong person can significantly damage the business while the person is still employed.  Furthermore, when recruitment costs, training, and losses in productivity for the individual as well as the time investment from the superiors they report to are factored in.  This does not include lost costs for; Writing and posting job ads, cost of internal company recruiters, costs of using reference/background check services, time to screen multiple candidates in the process, company benefits, sales support materials, HR Personnel time, training materials, training time, leads, lost sales, vacancy costs, loss of goodwill from customers…..etc     The cost of hiring the wrong person adds up bigtime!  Be aware of what it costs your company by using the “Cost of Failure” calculator below that is from a fantastic consulting company called Sales Test Online.  Plug in the numbers that are applicable to your company so you can see how profound of an impact failed hires are!  I hope that you find this information helpful.  Have a wonderful day!
    The Cost of Failure Calculator: Hiring the Wrong Sales Person Costs! Find out how much.https://salestestonline.com/the-cost-of-failure-calculator
  4. They have had a negative experience in the past with a recruiting agency4) They make the severely incorrect assumption that all recruiting firms are the same.5) They just don’t know the numbers about how huge of an impact high level sales professionals have on their company.  They are wrongly hung up on the fee and not the actual ROI their company will experience by the production of the hire.  More on that below……. Would you hire your family doctor to do your intricate heart surgery, or would you retain the services of a heart specialist whose full time job is to do these types of surgeries?