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Professional Services

Project Staffing

In today’s ever changing market, companies are forced to change with the times to stay competitive. In many cases, this calls for different projects where companies lack the internal resources to staff the projects. Vortex Staffing can provide the resources for each project so your internal staff can be better utilized for the company increasing employee satisfaction and retention which ultimately lowers cost…

In addition to branding and recruiting, Vortex Staffing offers a cost effective solution for our clients Professional Service needs. Due to the focus of our business, the clients that we work with sell IT Solutions to the end user. Traditionally the products that our clients sell often require some sort of implementation as well as continued support. Many of our clients are not equipped to deliver the resources needed to handle the professional service or staff augmentation portion of the transaction. This missing component often opens the door for the competition to capture the services portion of that particular deal. Vortex Staffing has come up with a cost effective and strategical solution to that deal that is expounded on below.

Examples of challenges faced by our clients and the solutions Vortex Staffing offers:
Challenge: Company does not have a bench of IT Consultants to offer as a services solutions for their customers
*Solution: Vortex Staffing will build a database of IT Consultants with designated skill sets in order to “back up” our clients on Professional Services/Staff Augmentation opportunities. Why pass up on that business and concede it to your competitors when you can increase your services attach rates instantly with the help of our services?


-Why it makes sense for your company to utilize our staff augmentation services:
*It strengthens your relationship with your clients
*It shuts the door on the competition who will ultimately earn the Professional Services business your company cannot deliver on
*It strengthens your company’s sales representative retention rates because your sales reps will be earning significantly more with the Professional Services/Staff Augmentation business they close
*It doesn’t cost you anything. We will proactively build a quality database of IT consultants that our clients designate in any area of the country. There is no obligation to use our consultants
*We handle the entire process from recruiting, qualifying, hiring, firing, time cards, tax burdens, workmans comp…..etc It is a full solution that the client does not need to spend any time on and can present it to their customer base as an “In house/whitebox” solution

The essence and the dynamic:  And finally, the reasons why you should want to do business with us is because we are a smaller company that isn’t too big to care.  Your business is tremendously valuable to us and we will do everything in our power to customize recruiting strategies and processes that solve the human capital challenges for your company.  Work with us to get big company results with small company availability and care.