Sales Leadership Search

Since 2008 Vortex Staffing has built a deep network of highly talent sales professionals, engineers and sales leaders.  Leadership positions are extremely high impact positions and it is vital to your company to find the RIGHT PERSON, and not just who is available.  Give us a specific wishlist of the type of sales leader that you need, and if that person exists we will deliver them to your company!  We have the ability to hone in on key attributes for the sales leaders you seek such as; Specific vendors that this sales leader has strong relationships with, Specific VAR’s that this sales leader has strong relationships with, Specific companies in which this sales leaders has a deep network of sales contacts at to potentially recruit over in the future, Experience working with specific contracts, Experience architecting sales processes and quotas, Experience developing and implementing a strong on-boarding process for new hire to make their ramp up time shorter…..etc   We literally have the ability to deliver exactly who you are looking for so you don’t make the tremendously costly and time wasting mistakes of hiring someone that you know isn’t the exact fit for the position.