Common Objections

Most of our customers also have an internal recruiting department, but we can reach candidates that would normally be outside of your network.

  1. Some internal recruiters feel threatened that hiring an outside agency will only slight them or challenge their current role. In our experience this couldn’t be farther from the truth.  We want to act as an extension of your internal recruiting team.  We are not looking to replace them.  Perhaps a good comparison is that internal corporate recruiters are the Army, and recruiting agencies act as the Special Forces.  We are all on the same team, however each of us have different missions and skill sets.  We are a unified front in support of one thing, success for the company!
  2. )  Some companies only see the cost of what an agency would charge them and aren’t aware of the actual numbers of how significantly it positively impacts revenue and gross profit, and negatively impacts their company by having the position vacant, or worse, making a ‘bad hire’!
  • 3)They have had a negative experience in the past with a recruiting agency4) They make the severely incorrect assumption that all recruiting firms are the same.5) They just don’t know the numbers about how huge of an impact high level sales professionals have on their company.  They are wrongly hung up on the fee and not the actual ROI their company will experience by the production of the hire.  More on that below……. Would you hire your family doctor to do your intricate heart surgery, or would you retain the services of a heart specialist whose full time job is to do these types of surgeries?

The Harvard Business Review points out that 80% of employee turnover is due to bad hiring decisions!  80%!!!  That reality is astounding when you add up what it truly costs your company!  The good news is, there are solutions to remedy this common business challenge.  The costs of hiring the wrong person have been estimated to cost a company 4-6 times the annual salary of said former employee.  Furthermore, hiring the wrong person can significantly damage the business while the person is still employed.  Furthermore, when recruitment costs, training, and losses in productivity for the individual as well as the time investment from the superiors they report to are factored in.  This does not include lost costs for; Writing and posting job ads, cost of internal company recruiters, costs of using reference/background check services, time to screen multiple candidates in the process, company benefits, sales support materials, HR Personnel time, training materials, training time, leads, lost sales, vacancy costs, loss of goodwill from customers…..etc     The cost of hiring the wrong person adds up bigtime!  Be aware of what it costs your company by using the “Cost of Failure” calculator below that is from a fantastic consulting company called Sales Test Online.  Plug in the numbers that are applicable to your company so you can see how profound of an impact failed hires are!  I hope that you find this information helpful.  Have a wonderful day!
The Cost of Failure Calculator: Hiring the Wrong Sales Person Costs! Find out how much.