Staff Augmentation/Contract Staffing Specializing in AWS/Azure/Google Cloud

With a heavy focus on AWS/Azure/Google Cloud, Vortex Staffing has become a reliable/extremely profitable recruiting partner by:

*Our ability to deliver highly qualified contractors to our clients by means of using our established network of consultants that already know us/targeting the competitions top talent/cold-calling.  We aren’t afraid to do what other recruiting agencies are reluctant to do.

*Not relying on job boards.  We have our deeply established network

*Offering our clients both a reactive AND proactive recruiting approach.  Tell us where you might need consultants for future projects so our recruiting team can have an active candidate base when/if the deal closes.  Surprisingly enough, most companies do not have a proactive recruiting strategy in place.  There are tremendous advantages to having Vortex Staffing provide this offensive strategy.  This is one of the many services that we offer that will give your company a significant advantage over the competition and it costs your company nothing!

*Offering extremely competitive rates that allow our clients to maximize their profit.  We are a small family owned company so our markups are undoubtedly less than the competition.

*Offering our clients a recruiting solution that ALWAYS make them money.  Plainly spoken, your company tells us the range per hour that would be ideal, then we find those people.  Your company already knows what the markup cost will be to the client, so what we are offering will literally always make your company money….and a lot of it!  We feel that this is the biggest no brainer in the history of earth! 🙂

  Contracted Consultant Permanent Hire
Flexibility Ramp staff up or down as needed without employer liability Possible restriction on head count
Trial  Period “Audition talent” or test new positions Must deal with severance packages
Short Term Projects Well suited to work special needs or projects as they arise HR must hire and terminate as projects change
Training Knowledge transfer and training to current staff while still

receiving production

HR will have to go through a hiring process

risking potential downtime

Hiring Freeze or Budget Constraints Alternative short term solution Company may be short-handed and can not hire
Pension/Unemployment/Benefits Not applicable Company’s responsibility
Holding bench talent No need to compensate people on the bench. Not applicable
Targeted resources We target major competitors and groups to find exact talent. We target major competitors and groups to find exact talent.
New Hire Vortex Staffing handles the paperwork & client is invoiced HR must screen, interview, approve and  hire
Termination Vortex manages their consultants, including reprimands and


HR must let employees go and process