Interview Tips


For your benefit we have put together a comprehensive interview handbook guide that covers everything that you will need in order to ace the interview process and land your next dream job!  This interview handbook has been gradually put together over time and it highlights each step that you need to take in the interview process that will greatly amplify your chances of getting hired.  We speak with sales leaders and hiring authorities on a daily basis and we know how they think, and we know what is important to them.  Chances are that you are not a professional interviewer, but why not follow a battled tested guide that will portray you as someone who is?!?

This guide covers things like:

*How to ace your phone interview

*How to handle counter offers

*How to respectfully decline a job offer

*How to diplomatically resign from your current company

*Checklist of things you need to do for a face to face meeting

*How to properly research the company you are considering

*When to talk about your current salary, and the salary you desire

*Sending thank you letters

*11 common reasons for rejection


Download the Interview Handbook