Plan your next promotion

Plan your next promotion is an extremely valuable career development tool in which we architect a career trajectory strategy in order to get you in front of career opportunities that you yourself would define as superior to your current role. We will surgically target those specific companies and leverage our deep and mature network to get you in front of the decision makers for the position. No more relying on applying to a position online that 60 other people have applied to. Allow us to market you out to specific companies in order to keep your leverage as a “passive candidate”. Plan your next promotion was launched in 2013 and has been a significant part of our business. Over 25% of our total revenue comes from marketing high quality professionals like yourself to great companies that are pre-selected by you. Plan your next promotion now so you can put yourself at a significant advantage over those in your peer group. Too many people sit idle and wait for someone to tap them on the shoulder to promote them. Take complete control of your career path and work with us to put together an offensive strategy to land your next dream job!

Our commitment to confidentiality: Our commitment to preserving your confidentiality is maintained in the beginning stages of this program. We will present your credentials to companies of your designation in a confidential way. We will not broadcast your name or resume to any of these companies until you officially give is the green light. We will contact these companies on your behalf, obtain more information about the position to make sure it reaches your compensation criteria. At that point you will decide whether or not to pursue the opportunity.

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