Career Seekers

If you are actively seeking to embark on a new career endeavor, welcome.  If you find yourself perfectly content with your current role, we also want to talk to you.  You may be having a strong run and you probably aren’t considering the notion of making a career change, but you are in fact who our clients pay us to find.  Industry research shows that it is the “passive candidate” that makes up the top 20% of their chosen field and our recruiting model is designed to target that top 20% of passive professionals.  That’s you!

Build a relationship with us to benefit in these ways;

*Resume coaching
*Access to non-publically posted positions
*Access to Vortex Staffing VIP events such as concerts, sporting events, advanced career coaching, golf outings
*Plan your next promotion. Give us a list of companies that you would like to work for, and we will set fourth a strategy to accomplish that for you.  Click here to begin to plan your next promotion with us:

    Send us your resume for a professional critique. We have seen thousands of resumes and can provide you with valuable tips on how to structure your resume to give you a significant advantage over your peer group. Inquire today!


    A few things to consider:

    *It is our job as career counselors to help you maximize your earning potential while strategically matching your skills/background with clients offering long term career paths.

    *You will never have to pay anyone at Vortex Staffing for our services. Our clients pay us to identify and present top grade professionals like you.

    *Any and all conversations are kept in strict confidentiality. We will never compromise your current position in any way.

    *We know what your worth is in the market and what other companies are willing to pay for someone with your skills and background. Are you being underpaid? We most certainly can tell you!

    *”Let’s just be friends.” We don’t always expect you to want to make a career change, but we do expect you to contact us when you do! Network with us to just be friends.

    *Ask us for assistance on things like salary trends, interviewing tips, resignation advice, portfolio building tips, non-solicit/non-compete contracts, strategic career planning….etc